redhat 7.1 and win 2000

redhat 7.1 and win 2000

Post by loch » Fri, 05 Jul 2002 13:18:30

Dear all smart,

the situation here is we have a NT network, the domain controller is
win 2000 server.  now, we need to add a redhat 7.1 machine to be a web
server for internal use.  what do i have to do, i am a newbie of this.
 i have read many articles but none does really help.  can u recommend
me some good site telling me what i should do?

this is my idea, can u please tell me if i am right:

I would have to use apache as the web server, since the web page i am
going to use is written by jsp, so i also need tomcat.  however, this
is not the most confusing part.  the most confusing part is how can i
do the user authentication?  if i expect only using the existing win
nt login id and password?  do i use pam_smb?  but i don't know how to
use that too, any good site reference?  and do i use pam_smb on the
apache can i use pam_smb on tomcat directly?

Thanks for you help