Newbie: Linux/NT on server,WFW 3.11 on client

Newbie: Linux/NT on server,WFW 3.11 on client

Post by Dave Taylo » Thu, 10 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know of or come across any problems with a set-up
like the above.

I anyone is interested in helping/advising and needs more info
mail me at the below address.

Dave Taylor
IT Instructor


1. Linux, DOS, WFW 3.11, OS/2, NT, Win95 on one system ?

Are we talking about OS/2's boot manager here? If so I have no trouble booting
OS/2 from my second HD (/dev/hdb1), and it sees it's root drive as D:
(DOS/Windows 3.1 are on C:, /dev/hda1). I don't know if it can handle a second
IDE port, but if your BIOS can I can't see why not.

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