help with mail

help with mail

Post by Seth Milma » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I'm trying to figure out how to recieve and send mail from my isp (smtp
and pop), but I'm not having any luck getting sendmail and fetchmail to
work (or figuring out how to use them).  If someone can point me to a
tutorial or howto for setting up mail specifically for smtp and pop, I
would greatly appreciate it.

-Seth M.


1. HELP-HELP-HELP: intranet mail

Hello, I'm coming with some questions... :)

I want to build intranet email. What kind of software that I need?
What is the differ qmail and sendmail?

Now I have a linux redhat 2.0.32 with samba, ip_masq, apache installed
already. How I start to install intranet mail? Please guide me step by

This is my opinion, please correct if i'm wrong. The software that I
will install will provide pop3. And every client in LAN can send email

clients (win95) in the LAN could use email client like eudora or
pegasus for send and receive email. IS IT CORRECT?

Thanks for your response, bye

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