Shadow package 'login' and backspace...

Shadow package 'login' and backspace...

Post by Ryan Nie » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

        I recently switched over to shadow passwords, with a great deal of
success.  However, I have noticed one subtle difference.  It appears that
the 'login' program that is distributed with shadow-mk sets the backspace
key incorrectly.  Programs based on ncurses or that were written such that
the backspace key default is not permanent still work okay, but programs
that expect ^H (or whatever) do not.  One example is the 'chfn' program,
which does not recognize backspace after installing the shadow package.
(Others include vi, minicom, etc...).  Using "stty erase ^H" has no
immediate affect, but typing 'reset' does seem to solve the problem.  Yet,
my users really get a bit irked when the screen clears a fraction of a
second after login displays whether they have mail or not.

        How can I get my system back to the backspace behavior that is seen
without the shadow package's login replacement?  Would the best solution be
to just hack the login source code and change it manually, or is there
something I'm obviously missing?

Thanks in advance,
   -Ryan Niemi


Klamath Falls, Oregon               


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