Problem launching gnome apps from xterm

Problem launching gnome apps from xterm

Post by Quber » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello all,

After upgrading to helix gnome 1.2 I have found that I can not launch gnome
apps from a xterm. However, the apps can be launched normally from either
a gnome-terminal, from the panel menus or from the gnome Run box.  But I
typically don't use these methods to launch applications.

I am a minimalist gnome user, rather than have gnome control my
environment I prefer to just  use applications from gnome (like task-list
panel and pan).  When I type commands like gnomine or pan, the app hangs
for some unknown reason.  (I have found that after about 30 minutes the
app does appear, I found this out because I left to go eat during one of
my gnomine tests).

Can anyone tell me why can I not launch gnome apps from an xterm in a
timely manner?

Thank you in advance,  Qubert

I use sawfish 0.27.2 as my window manager.


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    I have a need to launch a new program in another xterm window.

    I have tried to do the followings:

   1. fork()
   2. set up an array of pointers for a new program and its parameters
        e,g.   para[0] = "newprog";
                  para[1] = "parm1";
                  para[2] = "parm2";
    3.  In the child process I code
             execvp("xterm", para);

    What I got is a  new xterm window wating for user's interaction.
i.e. "newprog"
is not launch at all. Does anybody know how to make it work ??


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