System hangs at "VFS: mounted root ..."

System hangs at "VFS: mounted root ..."

Post by alan wa » Wed, 15 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi there:

I have a HP Vetra XU 5/90 and am trying to install to put Linux on it.
I am currently using Slackware 3.0 distribution. After installation,
I can reboot the system by using the kernel come with the dirstribution.

This is what I did:
- compiled a newer kernel 2.0.13. Boot with the new kernel.
  FAIL: system hangs at "VFS: mounted root ...". I have waited for more
  than an hour and the message did not go away. This is definitely not
  the system fsck'ing the disk.
  Cylinders on the disk are less than 1024.
- created a bootable floppy disk. Same thing happens (System hangs at the
  same spot).
- installed the kernel that come with the distribution (2.0.0). System
  comes up without any problem.

So I wonder what is the difference between the kernel I compiled and the
one come the distribution???

Thank in advance!!!

Alan Watt


1. If you see "VFS : Unable to mount root fs...", check this out.

I'd posted two messages regarding the hard disk partition not found error.  
And finally figured out.

the message was:

Partition check:
  hda: multiple mode turned off  
  hda: hda1
MINIX-fs : unable to read superblock
EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock
MSDOS bread failed
UMSDOS Beta 0.6(compatibility level 0.4 fast msdos)
MSDOS vread failed
isofs_read_super : vread failed, dev 0x304 iso-blkum16
Kernel panic : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on 03:04

then stoped.  Nothing worked but reset.

I'm using 2gig Maxtor HD.  I used to have a bios which does not accept that
large hard at all, so I used a kind of disk manager program comes with the HD.

After upgrading to Pentium(mother board and bios changed also), I didn't much
care whether the new bios read the HD or not.  Later I found out that my
motherboard can catch the HD.  Anyway, the diskmanager was not a big deal.  
Linux worked fine 'till I installed new kernel.

For about two weeks, I tried everything I can think.  I compiled kernel more
than 10 times(I thought I missed an important option), removed lilo and use
lilo disk or re-installed lilo about 5 times(I thought it could possibly
re-write partition info.), and also removed whole linux and started over from
partition about 3 times.(lilo did not make partition table readable, so
tried repartitioning)

Last thing I could think was the d**n disk manager.  I removed it, then it is
working fine.  

!!!  REMOVE DISKMAGER PROGRAM, if possible. !!!

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