After running startx: Caught error 11, fatal error, Server aborted

After running startx: Caught error 11, fatal error, Server aborted

Post by Friedemann Rus » Sat, 02 Nov 1996 04:00:00


after getting a new mainboard (Soyo 82430HX PCI) and an additional HD
(IDE) I install Linux 2.0.18. I still run my linux with the monochrome
Hercules Graphic Adapter. After installing XF86_Mono and configure the
graphic, I stay in trouble as followed:

After typing "startx" I get the usual background grey and the cross of
the mouse. A lot of windows appears but in addition the output of the
messages appearing during the start of X appears over the whole screen,
independent of each windowborder. I'm able to enter some commands, but
instead of entering the commands in the xterm, I have to enter the
commands after a prompt sign anywhere at the screen. After some minutes
X breaks down with the message:

        Caught error 11, fatal error.
        Server aborted.

Thanks for any suggestions,

        Friedemann Rust


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: Is there a way of determining what might be the cause?  Thanks!

:                               Hsin

I have been having exactly the same problem. I didn't see a reply to
this post, so if there was one, could you forward it to me?


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