modprobe error

modprobe error

Post by KonusVecto » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

hi all

my problem is that the kernel give a output during the start :modprobe:
cant locate module char-major-4

what it means with this and how can i correct my problem.


Michael Froh

begin 666 Michael Froh.vcf



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    I'm running on RH5.2, I've just recompiled the kernel and the

Everything seems to work just fine but I get modprobe errors at start up
like this

modprobe: can't find module mod-ip3
modprobe: can't find module mod-ip4
modprobe: can't find module mod-ip4
modprobe: can't find module mod-ip5

this errors happen at system boot and shutdown. What are they warning

Note: this errors don't show with de demsg command... :(

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