cron startup lacks NIS in RedHat 5.1

cron startup lacks NIS in RedHat 5.1

Post by Charlie Kat » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I've come across a rather annoying problem under RedHat 5.1.  During
boot, the cron daemon is run before NIS is started.  Apparently when
starts, it looks at the crontab files.  It then reports

        CRON (04/09-13:16:19-2226) STARTUP (fork ok)
        ckatz (04/09-13:16:19-2226) ORPHAN (no passwd entry)

It can't verify my existence as a user because I'm not in the passwd
file; my
login info comes from the NIS database.  However, NIS hasn't been
started yet!
After that, seemingly having decided that I don't exist, cron never runs
anything from my crontab file.  I can fix this by editing my crontab
which causes cron to recheck my identity, and find through NIS that I do
indeed exist.  This means that after any reboot, my cron jobs will not
be run
until I edit the crontab file.

I suppose I could fix this permanently by changing the order of the
startup scripts in the rc?.d directories so that ypbind runs before cron
is started,
but I hate to start messing around with things like that which might be
way they are for a reason.

Has anyone else encountered this?  I searched through Usenet archives
found no mention of this problem.  Any suggestions?


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