xterm fails to 'exec /bin/bash' as non-rootuid

xterm fails to 'exec /bin/bash' as non-rootuid

Post by Coburn Watso » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

When I log in as root under linux 2.0.1 and launch the xterm client it
comes up ok.  When I log in as another user and try to launch xterm the
xterm window temporarily comes with the error message : "xterm can't
exec /bin/bash !", then the window closes about 3 sec.later.  I compared
the environmental variables between root at this other uid and everthing
appears fine.  Is there an issue with running xterm as a non-root user,
must it be setuid-root?  The error message leaves me scratching my head.

Thanks in advance,

Coburn Watson


1. xterm not able to 'exec /bin/bash' for not root-uid


XF86 is successfully installed, and as root I can enter the X
environment and launch xterm, or any other app. for that matter.
However,  when I enter X as a non-root user and attempt to launch an
xterm client,  a small xterm window comes up with the message 'xterm:
can't exec /bin/bash  !' , then exits after about 3 secs.  I found some
threads in comp.os.linux.setup that talk about xterm needing to be run
setuid-root, and that is how my xterm is configured.  I compared the
environmental variables between root and the other user and there are no
blaring discrepencies.  The error message leaves me guessing.  Has
anyone else encountered this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Coburn Watson

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