DosLinux help

DosLinux help

Post by Bob Mcdani » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

   A few days ago I asked for help on getting this "get-your-feet-wet" version
of linux -- well I had ver. 79 and its docs (while confusing to say the least)
told me that I only needed 24M for it ( 16M, programs; 8M, swap;).
   well this hdd was given to me with MSDOS 6.0 and windoze 3.11,wfw.
   I was about to run diskopt ( oh, I use DRDOS) realized that there was
12 - 14M wraped up in the two and i had been keeping them 'in case', I might
need them.  Since it had been a year and i had not even looked at them.
they went by - by.
   After running diskopt ( I had d/l doslinux v. 84 friday night ).
I gave doslinux 56M ( 48M, plus 8M swap) and watched with "oh-boy!,oh-boy!"
as it installed.
 Upon reboot every thing went fine untill -- well here are the last three
befor it hung ... and i had to do a hard reboot (ctl-alt-del did/do not work
at this point.
"remounting root device (rw) enabled"
"proc on /proc type proc (rw)"
"none on /dep/pts type devpts (rw,gid=5,mode 666)"
------------------ that's it folks ------------- nothing beyoud but reset ---
   Any and all thoughts, on what the reason linux is doing this, are welcome.
  I am setting this up on a 386/33 with 16M ram, and vga, 14.4 modem,125M hdd.
  I have a 486DX/2 66, 32M ram, svga,28.8 modem, sb awe 32, and a lonesome
  425M hdd sitting here -- I also have debian and slackware awaiting ---
  DOSLINUX is where intend to make my inital mistakes.


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