video setup problem...

video setup problem...

Post by j.. » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Help.  I've tried installing Linux on my PC and everything installs
just fine.  However, when i try to run xconfig, the video gets all
messed up.  When X-Windows actually come up, the screen seems
to be in an incorrect video mode (ie. I can see three mouse cursors,
and I can see the actual scan lines).  I can't really see what is on
the screen so... I can't use it.

Video Chip:  Cirrus Logic



1. Alpha Linux (Multia) Video setup problem

I have a problem about the video card which need to be urgently solved.  I
have a Alpha Mutia desktop.  Accordingly, the video card should be Diamond
Stealth 64 DRAM S3_868 or S3_864 or S3_9XX.  However, what I got when I run
"startx" it gives a message :
None of the configured devices was detected.
TRANS (SocketUNIXConnect)() Can't connect:errno=61

Please help me solve the problem and email me the solution please.


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