Linux Universe - Kernel compilation

Linux Universe - Kernel compilation

Post by Rainer Maur » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00


There were some articles regarding kernel compilation for Linux Universe
in this group recently.

This subject ist not dealt very well with in the book.

The following steps should be sufficient to build a personal 1.2.1-Kernel.
This version of the kernel has been running on my system for 26 days now,
so it should be fairly stable.
I want to try to build a Linux-1.2.11-Kernel containing the Universe patches
within the next days, and I will post the results.

So here is what to do for 1.2.1:

- install Linux Universe
- login as root
- 'distinstall -p base' (install the package base)
- 'distinstall -p gcc-i486-unknown-linux'
  (install package gcc-i486-unknown-linux, this is necessary, because the
   kernel could not be compiled as ELF, when Linux Universe was put together.)
- 'cd /usr'
- 'distinstall src'
- 'cd src'
- 'distinstall linux-1.2.1.tar.gz' (this file contains Linux-1.2.1 with the
                                    patches for Linux Universe)
- 'rm linux'
- 'rm linux-1.2.1'
- 'tar xzvf linux-1.2.1.tar.gz'
- 'ln -s linux-1.2.1 linux'
- 'cd linux'
- (set new PATH)
  - (Bash, default)
  - 'export PATH=/usr/pkg/gcc-i486-unknown-linux/i486-unknown-linux/bin:$PATH'
  - (if you have changed your shell to tcsh)
  - 'setenv PATH /usr/pkg/gcc-i486-unknown-linux/i486-unknown-linux/bin:$PATH'
- 'rehash'
- 'make symlinks'
- 'make config' (make sure to include support for ELF and probably File Cache)
- 'make dep'
- 'make clean'
- 'make zImage'
- 'mv /vmlinuz /vmlinuz.old'
- 'mv arch/i386/boot/zImage /vmlinuz'
- 'shutdown -r now' (reboot your system)
- if you like your new kernel and don't plan to recompile it in the near
  future, you might want to 'distinstall -u -p gcc-i486-unknown-linux'
  (get rid of the package gcc-i486-unknown-linux)

I hope this will help some people.


Rainer Maurer
Xlink PoP Heilbronn


1. Linux Universe kernel compilation?

I am having problems compiling Linux 1.2.0 on my pc, after installing
Linux Universe. My computer is this:
Dell Dimension P90 w/ 8MB RAM, E-IDE ATAPI 4x CD, not connected to
anything else (in case this matters).
I managed to compile 1.2.1, but only my omitting to ``make config'',
which isn't really very helpful. After hearing about problems with
1.2.1, I unpacked linux-1.2.0, did ``make config'', choosing
a)almost no network support (except printing)
b)no SCSI
c)PC-speaker sound
d)most other stuff left unchanged
then, when doing ``make dep'', i got a few warnings about
kernel/kysms.c which i foolishly ignored, because when i tried a
``make zImage'', it gave up after not very long, the errors being
caused by ksyms.c with messages like ``register_net_devices not
defined'' or ``not constant'', or stuff like that.
What do i need to do to get the thing to compile? At the moment i can
live with the kernel with no sound support, but i am getting a GUS max
soon, and would like to be able to use it under Linux.



"I've got the devil in my blood, telling me what to do...
 ... and I'm all ears" -- AC/DC.

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