XFS - Serving Multiple OS fonts on linux xfs

XFS - Serving Multiple OS fonts on linux xfs

Post by killahert » Thu, 15 Nov 2001 22:00:09

Hi,  Is it possible to serve fonts from say AIX or Solaris on a linux
(redhat 7.2) xfs server?
Thanks -- AG

1. XFS: What determines which fonts get served?


I am running XFree86 3.3.6 with the RedHat 6.1 font server, which has TrueType
support (I believe it is just xfsft).  I put the directory with the truetype
fonts first in the config file, then all the other font directories (misc, 75dpi,
100dpi, Type1, Speedo).  I then ran gtkfontsel to see which fonts were being
served, and there were 80 of them, mostly the TrueType fonts.  Then, I went and
deleted a bunch of the really ugly TrueType fonts, ran ttmkfdir and mkfontdir in
the TrueType directory, and restarted xfs.  But now, when I run gtkfontsel, there
are only 50 fonts, most of them TrueType.  I would think that some of the other
fonts would get served to replace the TrueType fonts I deleted, but apparently
it doesn't work that way.  There are hundreds of fonts on my FontPath, so why
are only 50 available?  I checked the xfs man page as well as the other docs and
there is nothing in there about what determines which fonts get served.  I do
seem to remember reading somewhere that the xfs specification allows up to 256
fonts to be available at a time.

This causes lots of problems with Java applets (specifically the BookViewer at
www.island.com).  I think that the applet wants a certain font and it is not
available, so it ends up using a font that is way too big and consequently looks
terrible.  I also am getting the dreaded Netscape "Bus Error" and think that it
may be related to the fact that the 75dpi fonts do not seem to be available to
Netscape, even though they are on my FontPath and chkfontpath reports that they
are indeed available.


Lee Revell

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