SuSE 6.4 ftp: warning

SuSE 6.4 ftp: warning

Post by J Bla » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

This may just be me (and I'll be happy, of sorts if it is, but after *trying*
to upgrade to 6.4 from the recent ftp distribution I have had severe problems.

The upgrade/install is fine until the xshared.rpm is reached. At which point
it complains about cpio: bad magic.

Installing from scratch doesn't solve this. This was from a wgeted mirror so
I tried direct from suse, same problem.

My computer is now stuck with a load of apps which can't run because they
*need* the libs in these packages which won't install.

I am **y* annoyed. This computer has been upgraded from 6.2 to 6.3 to
6.4CD and now, after all this I'm being screwed over.

SuSE took a month longer than projected to get this out and it's still

Stop pissing about with S/390 and get your main distros to work! (And get
the PPC and Alpha ports out while you're at it; where are they?? You're not
winning friends by announcing (and that's all it is) ports to this that and
the other platform).

P(pissed)J(off)F (stuck with a semifunctional machine but I am *not*
downgrading to the 6.2 CD distro)


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I have this problem with an local FTP-install of Suse 6.4:

1. My Linux-Server is started and the CD-Rom with CD1 is mounted.
2. My Mobile is started with the Bootdisk.
3. NE (Network-card) has been loaded successfully by me.
4. install via FTP: no bootp, IP-adresses defined manually and logged
in as 'root'.
5. minimal-install selected.
6. install OK, all packetes are installed (there was no error logged)
7. After I selected 'back to mainmenu' (in german!) there was no
question for the way how to install LILO (like when installing via
bootable cd). There was just the message, that no installable kernel
has been found on the source-medium.
8. Now Linux can't be booted without a bootable disk! I found out,
that there are no kernels in /boot an no modules (no subdir 2.2.14) in

Does anybody know, what I did wrong?!



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