Soundblaster 16 PNP & RedHat 5.2

Soundblaster 16 PNP & RedHat 5.2

Post by Sydney Weidma » Fri, 01 Jan 1999 04:00:00

> I was running RedHat 5.1 for a while, and my SoundBlaster 16 PNP card worked
> great - I configured it with sndconfig.  I upgraded to 5.2, and all was well.
> However, I recently hosed my system, and had to reinstall 5.2 from scratch.
> Now I can't get my sound card to work.  sndconfig reports an error, and so
> does the system at boot time - something about not being able to correctly
> parse the pnp file in /etc (I can't remember the name of this file).

If you're using isapnptools, the file is called /etc/isapnp.conf, I believe. If
something untoward has happened to the file, you should be able to recreate it
by typing the command:

    pnpdump > isapnp.conf.sample

You must then edit the file according to the settings of your sound card. There
are extensive instructions embedded in the pnpdump file.

You can test the file before using it to boot with by typing:

    isapnp isapnp.conf.sample

If everything works, you should get some output that tells what plugnplay
devices have been identified.

Hope this helps.


1. Problem of Soundblaster pnp 16 with redhat 5.2

Hi all there...
I have a problem with my sound card SB16, which is:
1. I've installed redhat 5.1 on my system and every thing was going fine,  
   except the setup of my sound card. RH 5.1 could detect my sound card,
   but I could only run a music CD, no mp3, no wav, no midi files.
   I decided to switch to RH 5.2. -I've backed up /etc/isapnp.conf-
2. When I installed RH 5.2 on my system and run sndconfig then, booooom;
   sndconfig displayed a message saying "error occurred opening /dev/audio"
   and switched to the manual configuration then I tried to put the same  
   IRQ, DM, ... . and I faced the same error message "error ocur...". I
   copied my old isapnp.conf and overwrite /etc/isapnp.conf, and there was
   no sound "no music CD, no ... 'u know'".
3. Do I have to switch to RH 6.0 or mandrake 6.0?
4. I've tried to search on to find a same problem, but I failed.

 - markhi1

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