Linux Video Driver Question?

Linux Video Driver Question?

Post by ac.. » Tue, 09 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I was looking at the Video - Hardware Compatibility list for Linux and
noticed that all the ATI cards are supported by Mach8, Mach32, and
Mach64 drivers.

The funny thing is that some cards such as the All-in-Wonder Pro is a
Rage Pro Turbo Chip, but is driven by the Mach64 driver.

Is the Rage Pro Turbo chip realy a Mach64 chip?
Or is linux using some sort of compatibility driver that runs both?
Is Linux getting the best performance out of the chip that is

Does this mean that if I were to buy the latest ATI Rage Fury card
that has a Rage 128 chip,
that I could use the Mach64 driver?