Help wanted on NEC 451 as 2nd drive / Aladin 510 SCSI/PCI Ethernet

Help wanted on NEC 451 as 2nd drive / Aladin 510 SCSI/PCI Ethernet

Post by Paul Malherb » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Is there anyone out there who can help me out on this:

a)If have a NEC CD-Rom 451 (4x4) installed at IDE2 (slave, the first one is
a mitsumi fx 300). At startup Redhat 5.0 sees 'm both (Mitsumi on hdc, and
NEC on hdd) Somehow I can't get acces to the NEC. I know this is not an off
the shelf situation, I use the machine for experiments with W95 and NT4.0,
and it works.

b) I purchased an Infocom )Alladin) 510 SCSI card, which is not detected at
startup and/or install. Is there anyone who can tell me how I could get
Rh50 to recognize it.

c) And while I am at it: is there someway to get RH50 to recognize a
PCI-ethernet NE2000 clone. It's P&P and delving deep into the
documentation, I just found out RH doesn't recognize p&p devices. According
to the Redhat site, there should be some way around this problem,
unfortunately they don't tell you how. BTW, there are no switches on the
board to disable the P&P....

I wellcome every suggestion. Thanks.

Paul Malherbe


1. NEC 510 (3Xi) SCSI CDROM w/ PAS16 SCSI card... question?

I've had a PAS16 for about a year now and like it a lot.  I'm running
Linux 1.0.9 from Slackware 2.0 with various enhancements, like the new
sound driver and PPP.

Anyway, I used to have a Philips single-speed CDROM, which worked OK but
not great.

This past weekend I bought a NEC 3Xi (triple-speed internal) SCSI CDROM
drive.  Very nice drive!  Very zippy!

But, I have a question... when I boot my PAS16 SCSI card recognizes the
NEC but calls it an "NEC 500", which is a 3Xe (I think that means
triple-speed external--I don't know if there're other differences).

Now normally this wouldn't bother me, except that I then tried to
configure xmcd and when I chose the NEC 510 I couldn't play any CD's; it
would just hang for a while, then timeout.

So, I changed the xmcd configuration to NEC 500 and it then worked.

So now I'm wondering whether there's something strange about this drive:
I got it from an only marginally reputable place, but I opened up the
case and the stickers on the drive definitely say "510" and they're very
clean; I don't think anyone could have moved them.

Should I care?  Does this matter?  Is this a known anomaly with NEC
and/or PAS16 SCSI?


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