/dev/ttyS2 (/dev/cua2) reports "device or resource busy" on kernel 2.1.95

/dev/ttyS2 (/dev/cua2) reports "device or resource busy" on kernel 2.1.95

Post by Michael Katzman » Tue, 14 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have just upgraded my kernel from 2.1.77 to 2.1.95

I use isapnp tools to set the IRQ and I/O address of my modem, then
to tell the driver that /dev/ttyS2 is where it is.

This worked fine on 2.1.77 kernel but now I get the message that the
"device or resource busy", when I attempt to open it (with say, dip
or kermit). Nothing else is using the port.

What has changed between these two kernel releases that would cause

(also tried /dev/cua2 (which is being 'deprecated') to the same
works on 2.1.77 and is busy on 2.1.95)

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        When you installed the newer Linux version you probably said yes
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