Boot from SCSI drive? (Always IN2000+Seagate)

Boot from SCSI drive? (Always IN2000+Seagate)

Post by Eugene Kuznets » Sun, 03 Dec 1995 04:00:00

   I have a rather stupid question, but I have not been able to find an
answer in the "HOW TO"'s.  I have Linux running rather happily on a 67 Mb
MFM drive on a 386DX40, and a recently added 300 Mb Seagate SCSI drive
with an Always IN2000 controller that Linux is quite happy with (and I
even moved my swap partition to  it because it is so much faster).
However, I would like to boot from the SCSI drive and dispense with the
MFM drive altogether.  After copying everything over and marking the
partition as bootable, I thought that I would at least get some error
messages.  Well, a large "ROM BASIC NOT INSTALLED" message was what I got
after removing the MFM drive from the CMOS and attempting to boot with the
SCSI drive.  (The Always controller will only boot from the SCSI drive if
no IDE/MFM disks are found.)  That's not all that much help in figuring
out what I did wrong, and it is the same message I got when trying to boot
DOS from the drive when setting it up initially.  
   Could someone tell me what I am missing?  Thank you,

                                                      Eugene Kuznetsov


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