RH5 kernel compile? usr/src/linux not present

RH5 kernel compile? usr/src/linux not present

Post by Roy Stogn » Sun, 29 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>Newby is confused once again.  The docs say if you want to compile a
>new kernel there are make_<whatever> commands to be run from
>/usr/src/linux.  This directory is not present on my RH5 install, and
>I looked for the opportunity to load kernel support as discussed in
>the RH5 manual.  

>Does the kernel source need to be loaded from the RPM on the CD?  

If it isn't installed already, then you'll want to install the
kernel-sources RPM from CD, or better yet get the 2.0.33 kernel
tarball from ftp.kernel.org.

Quote:>If things work is there a reason why the kernel ought to be

Getting rid of the default Red Hat cruft (they have to give you a
kernel compatible with all systems) might cut the kernel RAM usage or
give you a slight speed increase; neither is likely to be enough to be
noticeable.  If you still have a device to add that Red Hat didn't
make modular, you would need a compile for that.  Seeing what goes
into the operating system is an educational experience.  Recompiling
an operating system is just cool.  One of the best ways to learn how
Linux works in depth is to purposefully break things and try to fix

Otherwise, no, if it ain't broken, don't fix it.
Roy Stogner