DNS needed with ppp 2.3.5, but not with ppp 2.3.3 ??

DNS needed with ppp 2.3.5, but not with ppp 2.3.3 ??

Post by Beave » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00


Why do I need a DNS with ppp 2.3.5 and not with 2.3.3 ??

On Rh 5.1 with kernel 2.0.34 and ppp 2.3.3 (generic install),

I just installed KDE,  and could use kppp to connect to my isp without
entering any DNS, easy.

Now I have upgraded to kernel 2.1.131, ppp 2.3.5.

But after connecting, it cannot resolve any verbose adresses (only IPs).

I need to enter a DNS to bring it to work right.

So, my question is:

Why do I need a DNS with ppp 2.3.5 and not with 2.3.3 ??

Thank you !


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I made a trick .. instead of using chat to connect PPP like was in the
(that for me doesn't work) I used dip (it's the one that is supposed to be
used with SLIP connections) .. I make a script for dip so it connects using
PPP, and everything goes fine till I connect... After I connect the host
where i'm connected is Okay and everything seems to be Okay. but when I do
I simple ping to my own IP (not localhost but my assigned fixed IP) it says
unable to reach host.. I think the hardest thing to setup in linux is PPP
:( .. geee...

I have the Slackware 3.0 stuff... and I feel like i'm a newbie.. :(

Is out there any better FAQs or How-TOs for the PPP connections ???

bye !

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