does installation CD commence with startup command from a DOS prompt?

does installation CD commence with startup command from a DOS prompt?

Post by Michael Eisenstad » Sat, 10 Oct 1998 04:00:00

My home-built Slackware start-up diskette (bare.i
and trantor.s) recognizes both of my HDs but
reports 0 SCSI hosts. (My CD drive is a SCSI Sanyo
running from a Trantor 130B card).

Slackware CD disks are en route to me even as I

As apparently there is no driver for the above card
in trantor.s, (documentation for trantor.s lists
various Trantor model numbers while omitting 130b),
does that mean that I must get a new SCSI card to proceed?

I am guessing that the start-up disk must see the CD
drive before installation.  Or does the installation
process start from a DOS command line?  

I note that *Running Linux* 2nd edition on p. 57 has
the command "t128=mem-base, irq"

I assume however that a t130= command would be meaningless
as far as trantor.s is concerned.  Is this so?

Again, thanks in advance for any additional electronic
handholding on your part.

Michael Eisenstadt


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