New Linux CD-ROM: Low cost Slackware 1.2 CD - only $10!

New Linux CD-ROM: Low cost Slackware 1.2 CD - only $10!

Post by Roman Yanovsky ro.. » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

                Trans-Ameritech Systems announcing:
New low cost  Linux Supplement #3, CD-ROM with Slackware 2.20 and kernel 1.2x

A powerful 100% UNIX(TM) compatible Operating System for your desktop PC!

If you don't have Linux installed on your system yet, but have some Linux/UNIX
experience, use this low cost Supplement CD-ROM to install Linux. If you are
running Linux already, upgrade your system to the new state of the art!

Also consider a bundle with the LinuxWare 1.0 CD-ROM - the latest Linux release
plus the EASIEST distribution to install ever even for a FIRST time user due to
a user friendly MS-Windows interface and windows based tools. No boot floppies
are required. You can install LinuxWare from ANY CD-ROM that DOS can read!
Linuxware is ultimate solution for first time user!
Bundle of Linuxware with Supplement #3 is the best solution for

This Supplement comes with a full uncompressed live filesystem and many neat
things in the "extras" directory:

* basic - source and executable for a basic interpreter
* circuits - programs for electrical engineering
* chipmunk - log.tar.gz  schematic entry and digital or analog simlulation
* irsim - 9.2.linux.1.tar.gz  logic-level simulator for MOS circuits
* magic - VLSI layout editors
* ocean - vlsi design development system.
* pcb-1.3.tar.gz - interactive printed circuit board design
* scope-0.1.tar.gz - /dev/dsp based oscilliscope
* spice3f4.tar.gz  - source for spice 3f4
* ham - programs for ham radio enthusiasts
* je - Japanese extensions to Linux.
* term - low cost replacement for SLIP
* tinix - a very small but functional subset of X-Windows.

The main features:

  - Kernel 1.2x with modules
  - multiple terminals and full X-Windows environment
  - all network services available - workstation and SERVER CD-ROM
    on-line to save disk space
  - automatic detection of most hardware
  - new CD-ROM dependant option to save disk space


  - Communications
  - Internet access, news, E-mail
  - Word processing, professional quality typesetting
  - Database
  - Spreadsheets
  - Graphics tools
  - Fax send and receive
  - C/C++ compiler and de*
  - Productivity tools - calendar, schedule etc.

NEW in this Release
  - new X-Free(tm) 3.1.1
  - Support for PCMCIA hardware
  - new DOOM for Linux, now you can run it without X-Windows
  - SVGAFFT spectrum analyzer for Linux

System requirements:

  - 386 or better CPU
  - ISA, VESA or EISA bus (not MicroChannel)
  - 4 MB of RAM, at least 8 MB recommended
  - 25 MB minimum of UNCOMPRESSED hard disk space
  - ANY CD-ROM drive that DOS understands for installation

Supported under Linux:

  - IDE, SCSI, MFM, RLL and ESDI hard drives
  - all SCSI CD-ROM drives with supported controllers
  - Sony, Panasonic, Mitsumi and ATARI non-SCSI CD-ROM drives
  - most tape drives
  - most 8 and 16 bit SOUND CARDS
  - data and FAX modems
  - most internal and external ETHERNET cards
  - from MONO to TRUE COLOR video cards

Pricing: $10 !!!
Bundle with Linuxware cost $35

You can order by E-mail, by phone (408)727-3883 or FAX (408)727-3882.

If you prefer to send a check/money order, our address is:

Trans-Ameritech Systems, Inc.
2342A Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051

If you order with a credit card (VISA, M/C, American Express) please indicate
the card number, expiration date and your mailing address.

The order will be processed and the CD shipped the same day.

Shipping and handling in US is $5, Canada/Mexico $6, Overseas $8.
COD is available in the US only for $4.50

California residents please add sales tax.

Annual subscriptions (4 Regular Releases) are available for $80 plus s&h.
(note: there are 4 shipments in a subscription)
Example subscription in US is: $80 + $5 * 4 = $100
Subscription in Europe/Japan etc. is: $80 + $8 * 4 = $ 112

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Trans-Ameritech Systems, Inc.
2342A Walsh Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Phone (408)727-3883
FAX   (408)727-3882.