Red Hat 6.0 && init messages && new kernel

Red Hat 6.0 && init messages && new kernel

Post by Eric S. Van Gyze » Sun, 27 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have been using Linux since around 2.0.30 and Red Hat 4.2.  I
currently have a Red Hat 5.2 box with a 2.2.10 kernel, and a new Red Hat
6.0 box with a 2.2.10 kernel as well.  I got 6.0 from CheapBytes
(unoffical, no docs).

My problem:  booting the 2.2.5-15 kernel from Red Hat, I get the usual
page or so of kernel messages, and the output from the init scripts
(with the nice green OK's along the right side...nice touch ;-).
Booting the 2.2.10 kernel I compiled, I get "Loading Linux...OK, booting
the kernel." and _nothing_ more until the login prompt.  I used to be
quite comfortable compiling my own kernel...<sigh>.  It seems like I
remember a kernel config option about verbose hardware detection
messages or something very similar, but I didn't find it in the 2.2.10
config options.  But should a different kernel affect the output from
the 'init' scripts?!

If anyone has any ideas or needs more details, please say something.
This is really frustrating, and somewhat humiliating.  Thanks.