Best price/performance 2.x kernel dist. on CD?

Best price/performance 2.x kernel dist. on CD?

Post by Michael Kel » Thu, 08 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Looking for suggestions for a linux dist. with a 2.x kernel.
It seems like it's time to quit messin' with 1.x.x stuff and
just reinstall a 2.x system that has good PPP and sound
card support.

Anyone recommend inexpensive CDs that fit the bill?
I need Adaptec AHA152x support, new EIDE support,
solid PPP support for US Robotics external 28.8/14.4-fax-modem
and SoundBlaster16 PnP support.  If all the support could be
incorporated during installation that would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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1. Best price/performance video card for Linux 2?

Hi All,

I love my linux setup, but I dont like that my S3 card only supports 6** X
480 at 8 bits.  While I don't have a ton of cash to go shell out on a
high-end 3D video board, what would be the best price/performance card for
linux so that I can get a higher color depth and larger pixel resolution.  
I'm planning on moving up to a 17" screen this summer, so I'd like something
that will support that.  My current main computer is a NeXT workstation with
a 21" screen running at 24 bits 1200 X 1000 pixels.  Although I love the
speed and extensibility of the Linux pentium box I have, it's a real letdown
in terms of color and working space.  Any inpuit would be appreciated.  

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