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I hate MS-dos, ans windows. so ive ben thinking about Unix. do you
think it is wort it. and waht Are the benafits to linux.

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>I hate MS-dos, ans windows. so ive ben thinking about Unix. do you
>think it is wort it. and waht Are the benafits to linux.

>P.S. DON'N Mail

OK, I won't mail.  You've written to a Linux news group, the millions
of us here think it's worth it.

Suggest you make future such postings to either c.o.l.misc or
c.o.l.advocacy (but please not both).  Be sure to read this group for

Finally, if you get into trouble installing Linux, please read this
group.  If you answer isn't already posted, make a posting.  However,
many of us prefer to reply via mail.



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Quote:>I hate MS-dos, ans windows. so ive ben thinking about Unix. do you
>think it is wort it. and waht Are the benafits to linux.

If you try Linux just to get away from DOS/Windows, you'll immediately
say it sucks because you have no use for it. Here are some advantages of
Linux, carefully evaluate them. (Look before you leap.)

Superior multitasking
Multiuser capabilities (some nobody can't hose your machine)
Stability - I don't think I've ever really crashed Linux, but I've got
   the keyboard so messed up I had to hard reboot (Nothing a dumb terminal
   couldn't fix)
Transparent Networking
It's free
It's continually being improved, and you can add any feature you want.
Lots of software/utilities except for major apps (There's a spreadsheet,
   but I wouldn't call LyX a word processor.)

Here are some disadvantages:

You gotta sysadmin your system
You gotta learn UNIX
IQ > 110 assumed :)
You gotta buy a Linux CD set or shuffle dozens of AOL floppies, your
   choice. :)
Getting Linux set up to recognize *all* your hardware can be a real pain.
   (Take a peek at this newsgroup if you don't believe me)
You will get so *ed to Linux that you will lose your entire social
   life, if you're a student you'll flunk all your classes because you
   "have more important things to do" and you'll forget that you need to
   eat because you've "almost" got everything to work. You will have an
   obsession to install Linux on your remaining friends' computers, and

   Gates because you're too busy with INN to fix your hair. :)

(It hasn't gotten quite that bad for me yet... :)

Quote:>P.S. DON'N Mail

P.S. Get a valid e-mail address.
(Followups set to c.o.l.a)

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Hi Linuxers,

I currently tried to install Xfree windows on my Linux box..
(Kernel 1.0, slackware distribution, 386 sx 16MHZ (don't laugh)
 8 MB mem, 256K VGA card (don't laugh again), vga monitor
(not multisync) )

Using the monochrome X windows driver which requires only 64K of
video memory, I noticed that X windows were very slow compared to
MS-windows..I also had problems moving my mouse while waiting for
a window to open..Also the background screen in X windows was much
smaller than the background screen in Ms-Win...I am not a
windows fan (any kind of windows require a lot of system resources and
fast expensive hardware)..but I think X win could be better..



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