IBM ThinkPad 560 problem with startx

IBM ThinkPad 560 problem with startx

Post by Donald Norwoo » Mon, 18 May 1998 04:00:00

I am a new user and I cannot seem to get XFree86 properly configured. I am
using Slackware. I am getting an error message that I do not have enough
video memory. The monitor uses the Trident cy9382 chipset. It is a DSTN
monitor. I have tried several configurations, even using resolutions below
the 800x600 level. The memory is 1024k. I have read from sources on the
internet that it will work with XFree86-3.1.2G, but I have not been able to
find this server to download anywhere. Any commets or suggestions regarding
this problem would be welcomed.


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I am trying to install RH 5.1 and I cannot get the installation
program to detect my CDROM. When I tell the program that the
media is on CDROM the CDROM driver reacts by starting to spin,
but then I get a question asking whether it is an 'SCSI' or 'other'
and all alternatives I try end up with no device found.

The CDROM driver is an IBM 1969011 with an IDE PCMCIA interface.

I have tried the boot options:
        linux hdX=cdrom    (X from a to d)
with no effect.

If anyone has a clue what I should try I would be most grateful.


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