Printer Driver for Xerox Fastpage 4

Printer Driver for Xerox Fastpage 4

Post by Cliff Smal » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Help please
Does anyone know if there is a printer driver for a Xerox Fastpage 4
laser printer available for Linux
Cliff Smale

1. Driver for an old Xerox Laser Printer

I know I'm probably out of luck, but I'm looking for a driver that will
work with an old Xerox 4045 Laser CP Model 50 that we sort of adopted.
It'd be kind of cool to get it working because it's also a copier..:)
According to the manual, it emulates a Xerox 2700 and a Diablo 630. If
anybody has a driver, or knows of one that'll work with this thing, or
knows where I could find one, I'd be eternally grateful.
(Yeah, and people in hell want ice water too.. :) )

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