Configuring smail 3.1.28

Configuring smail 3.1.28

Post by David Lesh » Sun, 26 Feb 1995 03:59:05

I'm trying to make smail 3.1.28 work under Linux 1.0.9 from Slackware
94 Oct Developer's Resource CD.  I'm an end-leaf site with one uucp
smart_host feed. I'm depending on tools.linux/mkconfig to set
things up...or trying to.

I seem to be lost in a FSSTND jungle. Most of the man pages, README's &
HOWTO's think everything in is /usr/lib/smail, but istm that the
concept that /usr was RO means all the config stuff should be in
/var/lib/smail, correct?

I fixed the /etc/resolv.conf that was convincing mkconfig I was I also discovered it thinks it's /etc/rc.local vs.
/etc/rc.d/rc.local. Mkconfig built me
and the config. It's still convinced I'm using TCP-IP. (is this
important or is that handled elsewhere?)

I can mail myself. But mail to postmaster (aliased to me) fails
as do attempts to mail to my smart host. The logfile says (wrapped):

        02/21/95 18:52:02: [m0rh4N2-0005BuC] wb8foz ... deferred:
        (ERR_112) director forward: alias database
        /usr/lib/smail/forward: Database not found

and elm -V comments about not finding database maps/world. I DO have
the var version......

How do I convince everything to use /var/ ?