Red Hat 5.2 hangs after CD-ROM is accessed

Red Hat 5.2 hangs after CD-ROM is accessed

Post by ryan bori » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have a Pentimu 100, with 64mbRAM, seagate 4.5gb IDE drive, 32x Memorex
CD-ROM and S3 Video PCI card. I am trying to install using the boot
floppy and CD. The CD is found and I get the Welcome to Red Hat Linux at
the top of the screen, the cursor drops to the bottom of the screen and
then the system hangs. I never get to the next step. I have tried other
CD drives but with the same problem. This system (Motherboard) ran
Slackware Linux at one time (different Hard Drive and CD rom) and has
also run NT Workstation and server. This is a new Hard drive. I can
format the drive under 95 (I only see up to the 4mb limit) so I am
assuming the drive is okay. Any ideas? The Cd was used once to set up a
PII 450 without a hitch.
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1. Cannot get CD-ROM to be seen by Red Hat 5.2 at install

I have a Sony CDU-33A CD-ROM which is supposed to be supported during
install.  I have tried to get the set up program from disk to recognize the
CD-ROM but it just has not worked.  I have read the FAQs that said that is
handled the same as CDU-31A but even by entering the CDU-31A as the choice,
the setup still does not recognize it.  Since it is supposed to be covered I
can imagine that there is some one simple thing to do that will fix it but
since I have never installed Linux before....I cannot find it.

BTW the CD-ROM is usable in Windows 98 but not when I boot directly to DOS.
I cannot get the CD to be the boot drive even when the bios places it first.

Thanks for your patients with a new - hopefully - Linux user.  If I can get
the system up.

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