"Error 0x10" : What does it mean?

"Error 0x10" : What does it mean?

Post by FRANK JUDE WOJC » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 00:20:47

I'm trying to install linux on my Zeos Pentium-90. It's got the 1.08 GB IDE
HD. After RAWRITEing the bare. file to a disk, I boot from it. I get the
"Welcome to Slackware version 2.1.0 install....blahblahblah." Then I get a


prompt. At first I tried just hitting ENTER. Then:

loading ramdisk...
Error 0x10
boot: ramdisk

Well, I'd heard that Linux needs the HD parameters specified at boot for large
IDE drives, so:

boot: ramdisk hd=2199,16,63
                 ^^^^^^^^^^ I *think* that's what I typed. The info was from
                            the BIOS, anyway. There's only 16 heads, so I
                            figure that's correct...

But no joy. Only:

loading ramdisk...
Error 0x10
boot: ramdisk hd=2199,16,63

It doesn't matter what I do, all I get is an Error 0x10. Can anyone help? I've
searched in vain for any type of dox on error messages. Those would also be
appreciated. Thanx...

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