"Hanging" on detecting SCSI during boot.

"Hanging" on detecting SCSI during boot.

Post by Igor Markovi » Mon, 15 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I just installed RedHat :) I have installed 5x 1GB IBM HD's and when I
RedHat, I used the Adaptec AHA-152x driver with the settings 0x340, 10,7
which worked just fine during the installation, but when rebooting RedHat
and hangs. He isn't really* (If I pres the keys on the keyboard it is
displayed on the screen) but he just won't go on. He hangs when he want to
detect my SCSI-device (or HD's).

Isn't he using the settings is I gave him during the setup?
Does anybody know what's wrong and how I can fix this?



btw. Can somewhone tell me if this mail is send in plain text or HTML? Tnx.