RH 5.0 and IBM Aptiva Display Problem

RH 5.0 and IBM Aptiva Display Problem

Post by Jon Edward » Sun, 15 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello all.

        I have an Aptiva M70 which has Trident TGUI96xx video and 1MB.
        I have an IBM P50 (15") monitor.

I've tried several video adapter configurations with mixed results but
never very good and after running configX and startx I get the following
for the different adapter selections:

IBM VGA  -  Clear screen but very few (2) colors and the xterm that pops

                      up is black foreground  and background (i.e.
black on black)

Trident 8900  -  Clear screen with more colors but VERY large images
                            (xterm, menu bar, etc.).

Generic VGA -  Same results as IBM VGA above.

IBM 8514 Compatible -  Wouldn't even load up after startx.

Generic trident - Control panel Icons are very clear but few colors (2)
                              and all characters on  (xterm,  configX
window, etc.) are sliced vertically
                              with hash lines.  It is like the screen
is refreshing at only half the rate or
                              something but I tried various refresh
rates  for the screen.

Any idea what the correct adapter and display configuration is or do I
need to modify what starts via startx ??

Any  help appreciated.

Jon Edwards


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Hi ,

Just got a copy of RH 5.1 and a throwaway PC , So  I decide to put
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The Setup :

IBM Aptiva
8mg Ram
528mg HDD
quad CD
dos 6.22
windows for WGPS
Defragged and scandsk'd the drive
got 400mg hdd free

I used rawrite to create a boot diskette , slapped it in the a: drive
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......I'm stumped.
The a: drive is being read first in the boot up sequence!

Any help would be appreciated


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