blank xwindow screen on bootup

blank xwindow screen on bootup

Post by Mick » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have sucessfully installed it, within a 2 gig extended partition, around 4
gigs into the drive.

At this point, I need to use the boot disk to start it up, and It stops
after the mandrake login automatically switches to "X windows" (I quess)

    all I get after seeing the penguin, is a black screen and a cursor that
is a pointer, an X, or an insert symbol, depending on where in the screen it

Helpful hints so far......

BTW after reading some more tidbits I found a partial solution.

Linux will not boot or use the root in a drive unless

    It is in drive one or two, and in the first 1024 cylinders.

    By drive one or two they mean...IDE primary channel master and slave.

    If you are like most people that own cd writers, and a cd player in the
same computer, you would normally install each on a separate channel.

Mine is set up IDE primary master - 13 gig maxtor
                                               slave  -   Cd player
                         IDE secondary master - 4 gig WD
                                                    slave   -  HP cd writer
                            SCSI        - Tape drive, and 6 gig Quantum

So the only place Linux will install to or recognize as bootable would be in
the first 1024 cylinders of my maxtor drive.


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MAGDX15F monitor
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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Kelly

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