Help about Partitioning for Linux, and a question about DOSLinux

Help about Partitioning for Linux, and a question about DOSLinux

Post by Joven Santo » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi, recently, I've been convinced to finally try out and learn Linux
after spending the rest of my life in Windows and MS-DOS. More often
however, I've been told that I need to repartition my hard drive in
order to install another OS. Since I don't have any place to backup my
files from the other OS (windows) I was wondering if it's possible if I
can just use the remaining free disk space into another partition
without having to format and reinstall everything, and if so, what
program can you recommend?

Secondly, since I'm having partitioning doubts, I downloaded a copy of
DosLinux, which can run a LoopLinux version on a DOS system. The problem
is, when I try booting it, the INIT can't find the hda1 partition or any
partition I mention, saying that the VFAT doesn't exist, and I get the
kernel error that it is unable to mount root.  I'm running on a
Windows98 with FAT32. Any ideas on what's happening?

That's all. Thanks.

Joven Santos


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Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie with linux but i'm really interested.  Here's my problem, i've
tried for hours to try and get it to work.

Does anyone know how to run DOSLINUX (downloaded from sunsite) on a Fat-32
partition.  I don't want to repartition because I don't have a way to
backup my HD.  I just want to try it out before upgrading my other computer
to be Linux capable.  If there is anyone who knows how, please respond to
me through email because I don't get to go on the Internet too much.

Thanx in advance,
Tony Arkles

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