LILO Setup

LILO Setup

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I have configured my Linux system with Win95.
When i reboot the LILO prompt comes up but the entire prompt
LILO boot: does not.

Suggest what went wrong.

Also when I boot Linix it says 1m low memory. I have Compaq 166/16MB RAM.



1. LILO setup on 3GB HD

Linux installation & configuration problems:

Installing linux 1.2.13 on an ALR 66 mhz pentium w/32 MBs
of ram & a 3GB micropolis hard drive running on an
Ultrastore SCSI II controller.

I have successfully gotten past the problem of the max of
1024 in begin & start fields of the p option on fdisk....
I partioned the HD with sda1 of 300 mb(dos c:), sda2 600mb
(dos d:) & sda3 100mb (linux swap), & sda4 1.9GB (linux native).
This leaves the highest number in the begin & start fields
at 1004.  (If anyone knows a way around this problem I would
like to partition sda4 further.)  verify under fdisk shows no
problems.  I have successfully formatted the dos c & d drives,
with on c & loaded the linux kernel and all the
other files on sda4.

I am getting the following results:

1. When booting from the linux boot disk (not the boot/root
disk) I get "No bios32 extensions present. This release
depends on it. Sorry.", just after the Ultrastore line.
This seems to be a message from the original writter of the
Ultrastore bios OR the original writter of the SCSI driver...
I don't know if this is significant.

2. When running lilo from the command line, I get:
geo_comp_addr: cylinder number is too big ( 2019 > 1023)
Is this referring to the beginning cylinder of sda4?

3. When I set the boot partition to the linux partition I
get "Error loading operating system" when rebooting the system.

4. When I set the boot partition to the dos partition I get
"missing operating system" when rebooting the system.

5. When I set them both I get "invalid partition table" when
rebooting the system.


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