RH 6.0 cant print???????????

RH 6.0 cant print???????????

Post by edward morro » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have been trying to print to a HP 860c printer on a
win95 machine but has not had any significant results. The
printer is set up to be shared by a group and i have made
sure that my name is there and specify the username and psw
in the printtool but the print request does not
even show up on the win95 que. The only tine I was able to
print to this printer was when I set up the printer to be
shared by every one.

I've been trying to print to a HP4 laser jet on unix server
using star office and the printer ends up always asking of
A4 paper. I have manually edited the Xpdefaults file to
include Letter as the only paper size but the printer acts
as if no change have been made and keeps asking for the A4.
If i force the printer to print it prints but cuts off the

The printer is on a unix server but I reach the printer
through a NT server. When setting up the printer In RH6.0 I
tried to set up the printer with the HP4/5/6 and the othe HP
filters but all attempts produced garbage output. Finally
the printer was set up witha plain old postcsript filter and
does produce good prints in all other applications other
than staroffice.

If you have any solutions for any of these please help!!!!!!

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