Getting Mosaic Up:A Newbies Experience [long]

Getting Mosaic Up:A Newbies Experience [long]

Post by Ji » Tue, 25 Apr 1995 04:00:00

     Partly in repayment to the people who helped me in this news
group, and in the hopes that it'll help another linux newbie, I'd
like to recount how I got Mosaic to run linux and access my PPP

     I recently upgraded a local shell account to a PPP account on
my local internet provider with the intention of running Mosiac or
Netscape on linux.
     Reading the various HOWTO's -- who writes this stuff? -- and
the linux news groups, I FTPed the most recent version of pppd from
SUNSITE.UNC.EDU, downloaded it to my machine, moved it to my
/usr/src directory and had a devil of a time trying to figure out
how to decompress it.
     It had the "tar.gz" extension and I had never encountered the
beast before.  Finally, browsing through the linux.faq, I came
across the cryptic unix command "tar xvzf [file]".  I used the
command on the file . . .  It worked!
     Reading through the README.linux file that comes with pppd, I
falsely came to the conclusion that I'd have to compile it.  You
don't, the pppd binary that comes with the archive should work
as-is.  It did for me.
     Using vim -- a dream to use compared to vi -- I copied the
pppd-chat statement found in the README.linux, changed the username
and password to mine, and with chgmod -- I think it was chgmod --
I set the file, which I named pppon, to be executable.
     It dialed, connected, but PPP0 didn't show up when I typed the
ifconfig command.  After a while the connection would drop.  
     Here I was, paying extra for PPP, and I couldn't get going.
I let loose with a volley of epithets, but it still didn't work.
     I posted to the linux.setup group asking for help.  I included
chat's out put files.  From the error statements, it looked like my
PPP wouldn't accept my internet provider's magic numbers.
     I got a couple of answers back within a day or two.  (I'm
impressed by the way you guys help us newbies out.)  The first
reply was kindof unintelligible, but the second said to make sure
that I was running PPP on my internet server.
     That turned out to be the problem.  My server requires that
PPP users use a different username and password to access PPP.  It
seems that they had forgotten to mail me the necessary information.
     I replaced the password and username in my chat script with
the new ones they gave me and it connected!  Only problem was that
it didn't return control to the prompt.  It hung.
     Using alt-2 to login as another root, with ifconfig I saw that
PPP0 was up and working.  The ping worked fine.
     The problem was that you have to remove the -detach statement
from the chat script.  -detach tells chat not to detach, but to
stay connected.
     I removed the -detach from the chat script, ran my script and
everything worked fine.
     Next I had to get a working copy of Mosaic.  Looking around
SUNSITE.UNC.EDU I found the latest version Mosaic2-5 (I think).  I
wasn't sure that it would work on linux's xwindows, but I'd give it
a try.
     I down loaded it, uncompressed it, and ran it through an
xterm.  To my delight, it came up!  But, it reported that it
couldn't find it's home page.
     What now?  I thought.
     I tweaked and tweaked and finally found that by adding the net
page address to my /etc/host file, I could connect to Mosaic's home
page.  You can imagine my elation when it came up.  But I couldn't
move from the page.
     Searching through the HOWTO's, I found some invaluable
information in the Net-HOWTO.  What I needed was a name server.
Well, I really didn't need a name server on my machine, I needed to
connect to the name server on my internet provider's.  It was
remarkably easy to do.  I don't remember the name of the file, it's
in the Net-HOWTO, but all you have to do is add the ip addresses to
your internet provider's nameservers.
     Mosiac is up and running perfectly and I have a feeling that
I really accomplished something.
     I've tried NetScape as well, it runs great, but the fonts are
soooo small that my eyes get strained.
     Now, for my next project, I hope to get mail and news up and
running.  Wish me luck.  I'll need it.


1. NFS newbie getting unexpected results [long]

[Executive Summary]

I have shared and mounted a remote directory.  I can create files in
that directory but can NOT create directories.  Permission denied.
Solaris 10 on both machines.

[Details; Gory]

I created a directory on the server (Meadowlark) named /backup/Magpie
and then edited dfstab:

Meadowlark$> cat /etc/dfs/dfstab
share -F nfs -o rw,root=Magpie -d "Backup" /backup/Magpie

and ran 'shareall' and life was good.

On the client, I manually entered (yeah, I'll do automount once I get
this running):

# mount -o rw Meadowlark:/backup/Magpie /backup

Then, to test my newly shared, newly mounted directory from the client:

Magpie$ cp TestFile.txt /backup
Magpie$ cd /backup
Magpie$ ls
Magpie$ vi TestFile.txt

And, that worked.  I can copy files into the directory, edit, save and
delete them.  BUT when I try to copy a directory into /backup it fails:

Magpie$ cp -r ./Documents /backup
cp: /backup/Documents: Permission denied

What?   So, then I try to create a directory in /backup:

Magpie$ mkdir testdir
mkdir: Failed to make directory "testdir"; Permission denied


Oddball things I have checked:
1) My userid and uid are the same on both machines.  I'm a 'staff' user.
2) I am not running as root (except to create the share directory and
obvious root things).
3) There is an appropriate entry in the hosts file on each machine and
they can connect to each other using ssh, etc.
4) Permissions on the shared directory (/backup/Magpie):
    drwxr-xr-x   3 hank     staff        512 Apr  7 18:06 backup
    drwxr-xr-x   2 hank     staff        512 Apr  7 18:20 Magpie
5) Permissions on the mount point (/backup) after mounting:
    drwxr-xr-x   2 nobody   nobody       512 Apr  7 18:20 backup

Why is the owner 'nobody' and is that an issue?  And if the owner is
nobody why can I create and delete files but not directories?  I'm not
nobody, I'm hank!  Hey, I'd chown this thing but I got a hundred bucks
that says chown will fail: Permission Denied..

OK, I'll chmod a+w /backup!  <sigh... no joy.>

Anyone have a suggestion for me?  I'm mystified at the moment.  I'm sure
I'm missing something obvious and I'll be slapping my forehead right
after I hit Send..

Thanks!   [sorry for the length]

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