Problem with Innd/Slurp

Problem with Innd/Slurp

Post by Mark Low » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I've got a problem with getting innd to stay running, I've fixed most of the
problems I can find but this one keeps coming up and I'm not sure why

-- syslog --
Oct  7 21:10:05 flyhmstr innd: /usr/lib/news/history cant dbminit ME Math
                                                argument out of domain of func

I'm running slurp and inn 1.4 under Slackware (kernel 1.2.13).  The quick
fix at the moment is to nuke the history, history.dir & history.pag files
and do a makehistory -o -i to rebuild them.

Any help will be gratefully received


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1. HELP : Slurp and Innd

Hi there,

        Is there anyone out there running Innd and slurp concurrently ?? I'm
trying to get slurp and innd to run currently but have not been successful so
far. The problem is that I only have a 28.8 K modem, and the bandwidth is not
sufficent for innd to handle all the available newsgroup. What I like to do is
use slurp to selectively collect the newsgroups that I'm interested in. I
managed to do that so far, but the problem is innd is still trickling in
unwanted newsgroups, because of this, the junk directory has grown too large
since all the unwanted articles get stored here.

        Can some one tell me how to stop innd from collecting unwanted
newsgroups ?? I know there's suppose to be a WANT_JUNK  flag in one of the
config file to modify during compilation to stop storing junks but I could not
find this anywhere.

        Also is there anyway that I can run slurp independent of innd ?? I
notice that if I run  slurp by itself, the articles will get stored in
in.coming, but as soon as I run rnews -U , the articles doens't get distributed
in their correct directory but rather in the in.coming/bad directory.

Please reply,

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