HELP!:CDROM SoundBlaster&cdu33a

HELP!:CDROM SoundBlaster&cdu33a

Post by Oliver Shelt » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00


Can anyone tell me which kernel/config to use to allow my Sony 33a
CDROM to be accessed via my soundblaster 16 card?

I have tried cdu31a kernel and the soundblaster with panasonic.
Neither worked.

Many thanks



1. linux 1.3.20 & my SoundBlaster CDU33A CDROM Help!!


        Well I just upgraded to the Slackware 1.3.20 Kernal.  I have done about
3 upgrades to the Kernal in the past.  This is the first time that it
has not worked.  I compiled the Kernal to support my CD by saying yes to
the (CD-ROM CDU31A/CDU33A) in the Make Config but it still will not see
my CD???  any Ideas????  I need help... this is inportant.
I am running this on my workstation at work and I have many clients to
my system so down time is not good.  as well I have software to install
from CD but I cannot without the CD Access???  

Chiddo Luna
System Support Group
Stanford University

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