Making Boot floppy to boot in single

Making Boot floppy to boot in single

Post by Van Sren » Fri, 02 Jan 1998 04:00:00


Can someone tell me how I can make a boot floppy so that I can enter into
single user mode in RedHat 4.2?  The Bootdisk-HOWTO did not help because
I requires too much space inorder to make a bootable root floppy.


1. Making custom boot floppies without a floppy.

Assume I have a laptop computer without a floppy
drive ( I don't, but assume it anyway :).

I want to create a custom boot cdrom.  This
seems to require that I have a floppy drive
to create the (lilo)  boot section for the cd.

Is there software, or a procedure, available
that will allow this without the actual floppy

Thanks in Advance,


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