Linux Crash & Partition Problem: Help Appreciated

Linux Crash & Partition Problem: Help Appreciated

Post by John Nguy » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

My computer (DOS and Linux Partition on one HD) crashed hard today.
I have an 850MB HD split into roughly 500MB for Dos and 350 for Linux.

For some reason, LILO would just freeze and beep on startup. When I used
a formatted dos floppy to boot and used fdisk to check the partitions,
they were all screwed up. I then proceeded to "fdisk /mbr" to repartition
and start all over.

The problem is that the drive won't let me have 850MB back. The drive
checks out as 813MB in CMOS. I have EIDE and I have been able to get
the full 850 Before. Now all I can get is 500 MB

What gives? Could the remaining 350 MB that once belonged to linux be
completedly unusable What can I do to get my full 850MB back?

Thanks so much for any responses. Email to the following account is

However, posts here would be very much appreciated as well.


1. Major linux crash - any help appreciated.. PLEASE!

Hi folks,

I've been using Debian linux 1.1 on a 486DX2/66 for a few months. Yesterday
morning when I logged on I discovered a lot of zombie processes and various
other processes not behaving quite right. Without thinking too hard, I did a
shutdown -r. Unfortunately, it delivered the appropriate broadcast messages and
blocked logins, but didn't finish shutting down. I then did a 'reboot' to
no avail. Reading the man page I did a 'reboot -f' as a last-ditch attempt.
Unfortunately the computer then locked up and so I had to go hit the reset
switch (this is non-trivial as I don't normally have physical access to the

Upon rebooting, there were lots of 'short read' disc errors on the vdu, and
fsck when fixing disc problems also failed on some reads. However, it
apparently fixed the disc and I rebooted again no problem. Running some
software still produced disc errors so I decided I'd make a new partition the
size of the used portion of the corrupted one and copy stuff across.

19Mb of a 'cp -av' later, the cp process stopped (this was done remotely but I
assume disc errors were the cause). It could not be killed with 'kill', even
kill -9, so a reboot was the only answer again.. I went straight for the
'reboot -f' this time, and the machine died but failed to reboot.

And that's the current state. I need to go find the reset switch again, but
after that what should I do? AFAICT only the home partition is corrupted.
Should I just rescue what I can, rebooting when disc errors cause a crash until
I've got as much as possible, onto a different system/partition? Or is there
some software I could run to fix the disc?



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