: Help, where to find doc on installing a NIC to RH 5.2

: Help, where to find doc on installing a NIC to RH 5.2

Post by David K Alle » Mon, 21 Dec 1998 04:00:00

YOu can read some on page 38 of the RH5.2 installation guide.
I did a Workstation installation, and it asked me whether I wanted
networking, I said yes, and it detected my NIC.
What type of install did you do?

Quote:>Need help, I have skimmed through the docs, but see no sign of information
>adding Network and NIC support to my RH5.2.  I admit I am new to Linux, and


1. Help: RH 5.2, Dual 3COM NICs


I am attempting to set up a Linux system to gateway to the Internet for my
LAN. I attempted to get the system working with 2 3C509-Combo cards, but I
have only found (partial) success with the following (admittedly my first
Linux system so forgive me if I have missed something):

486/66, 3C509-Combo (not B) (io=0x210, irq=11), 3C515 (io=0x300, irq=10),
Redhat 5.2 w/ 2.0.36-0.7 kernel. I am loading the network drivers as modules
and not compiling them into the kernel (although I have tried both ways).

When I boot the system both cards are initialized (I get link lights at the
hub) but an "ifconfig" only shows "lo" and "eth0". When I attempt to run
"ifup eth1" I get the "Delaying eth1 initialization" message.

My conf.modules looks like:
    alias eth0 3c509
    alias eth1 3c515
    options eth0 io=0x210 irq=11
    options eth1 io=0x300 irq=10

The first line of my lilo.conf looks like (I re-ran lilo after each edit):
    append="ether=11,0x210,eth0 ether=10,0x300,eth1" (I had tried
ether=0,0,eth1 with no greater success)

Either card will be recognized when it is the only card in the system. As
soon as I put two cards in, only the 3C509 card will be recognized so I
think that the drivers are ok and I know that the io/irq information is

Some of the other things I have tried without success include:
- recompiling the kernel so only the bare minimum components are included
- recompiling the NIC drivers
- adding the "/sbin/modprobe 3c515 io=300" line to my /sbin/ifup script.

Any suggestions? This is really starting to bug me (of course I am learning
a lot more because it isn't working on the first try).

(remove NOSPAM to reply)

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