/etc/printcap HP4ML

/etc/printcap HP4ML

Post by Steven Aizi » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone have a printcap file for the Hewlett Packard laserjet 4ML or
some other similar printer.  It would be really appreciated if you could
pass it along, or know where I can obtain it.


With Regards!

Steven Aizic


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Do there exist any scripts that can create the appropriate files for
printing with solaris 2 (/etc/lp/*) given an /etc/printcap file.  I've
got fair number of printers, and I really don't want to be running lpadmin
or admintool for each one of them.  I figure I can't be the first one
to want to do this, and thought I'd ask how others have done before
re-inventing the wheel...

U.N.C. Department of Computer Science Facilities Staff

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