10GB Hard Drive Problem

10GB Hard Drive Problem

Post by Brian Doi » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I recently bought a Maxtor 91008D7 10GB hard drive.  I am trying to
install both windows 98 and linux on it. I would like to be able to
mount the windows 98 partition when running under linux.  Currently, I
am unable to.

The drive:      Maxtor 91008D7
Firmware Rev:   WAS82739
Cyl:            16383
Head:           16
Sectors:        63
CR Jumper:      On.  
The Cylinder limitation jumber is not installed.

I used the EZ-Drive software that came with the drive to copy my old
hard drive over to the new one, leaving enough partition space for the
linux system.

According to the EZ-Drive sowftware, my drive is configured as follows:
Default sectors:        19696320
Current sectors:        16514064
Multi-Sector Mode:      YES
Current sector count:   0
Max sector count:       16

                CYL     HEAD    SEC     MB
Drive Devault:  19540   16      63      10085
Drive Current:  19540   16      63      10085
EDPT Actual:    19523   16      63      10076
EDPT Apparent:  1226    255     63      10084
EZ-BIOS int13:  --      --      --      --
ROM-Bios int13: 1224    255     63      10068

I then run fdisk while setting up Redhat 5.0 instead of the disk druid
that comes with it.  It gives the following message, and I set up the
partitions as follows:

The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 1226.  This is larger
than 1024 and may cause problems with:
1) Software that runs at boot time(e.g. LILO)
2) Booting and partitioning software from other OS's (e.g. dos fdisk,
os/2 fdisk)

This is what the partitons look like when I first start.
/dev/hda1  *    1       1       996     8000338+        a       unknown
/dev/hda2       996     996     1226    x               c       unknown

I can't rember exactly what X was, but I end up deleleting both
partitions, and setting up the following ones.
/dev/hda1  *    1       1       996     8000338+        b       WIN 95
/dev/hda2       997     997     1226    1847475         5       extended
/dev/hda5       997     997     1012    128488+         82      linux
/dev/hda6       1013    1013    1226    1718923+        83      linux

I don't do anything to the primary partion, and just reboot and my
windows works fine, even though I deleted and readed the partition as a
different type.

Then I finish the install of the Red Hat 5.0. Linux works fine, but,
when I try to mount /dev/hda1 one with the following command I get the
error after it.

[MS-DOS FS Rel, 12, FAT 16, check=n, conv=b, uid=0, gid=0, umask=022,
[me=0xf8, cs=8, #f=2, f2=32, fl=0, ds=32, de=0, data=32, se=0,
ts=16000677, ls=512]
Transaction block size=512
VFS: Can't find a valid MS-DOS filesystem on dev 03:01
mount: you must specify the filesytem type.

I've tried using -t msdos and -t umsdos but they both give the same
exact error.

My question is this.  Is there a way I can get linux to regognise my
windows 98 partition?