Post by Bob Lanno » Thu, 05 Jun 1997 04:00:00


There's a frequent error-message in my syslog file, but I don't
quite know what it means:

portmap[49]: error: cannot open /etc/hosts.allow: Permission denied
portmap[49]: error: cannot open /etc/hosts.deny: Permission denied

Anybody have any ideas about it?



1. rpc.portmap (p10, p11, and p12) AND portmap (p4)

        I've read the faq's, and hacked a lot but STILL ---

        rpc.portmap core dumps at the first sign of a request (even rpcinfo)

        This has been going on since I had a pl4 kernel, & is still happening under pl12
with net2, so I think it must be down to my setup!

        I have a DLINK ethernet - sometimes connected to a DOS box running PCNFS, or PCTCP
depending. I also use a SLIP link to demon. Everything seems to work apart from the rpc's

        Anybody who's made the rpc mechanism work - what have I missed ???

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