Boot%LiLo won't work

Boot%LiLo won't work

Post by woodro » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello All,
I can't make a boot diskette or load LiLo in the MBR. I am installing
rh5.1 onto a 119 MB drive. In order to do this i am not able to select
any components and i don't select any packages. The install will
complete but with no boot diskette or LiLo. I am now back to page one.
No Linux! Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for any help. woodrow

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I installed Redhat Linux 8.0 on my system, and all went well during
the install, however when I booted up when the install had finished I
was just left looking at a screen "GRUB _", with the cursor flashing.
Nothing was happening, it just sat there. The only way I got it to
boot up was by using the boot disk I created during the installation.

Because I wanted to boot off the hard drive, I decided to install
again and this time use the bootloader lilo, however, I just got stuck
with a screen "Li 02 02..." and the '02's just kept appearing.

I need to be able to boot off the hard drive, so if you have any idea
what the problem could be, or how to resolve it, please reply.



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