RedHat 7.1 install on a Sony Vaio PCG-C1XS Picturebook

RedHat 7.1 install on a Sony Vaio PCG-C1XS Picturebook

Post by Darrell Fulle » Wed, 16 May 2001 22:01:11

I'm trying to install RedHat 7.1 on a Sony Vaio PCG-C1XS Picturebook.

This notebook has a USB Floopy and a PCMCIA Slot for a CD-ROM

I have visited many sites and have found tons of resources but I am still
having problems.

I decided to install Linux on the 3.3 D: Partition that came with default
Win98 installation on the laptop.

Steps I have taken:

      1.  Created a DOS/WIN98 Bootdisk w/ CD-ROM Drivers
      2.  Created a Linux Boot disk with the supplied pcmcia.img
      3.  I intended to do a http or ftp install from another machine on my

      1.  Upon boot I type boot: text
      2.  Linux begins to load, but then asks for my PCMCIA Driver Disk
           Here is where I am stuck.  It appears that the Boot Disk does not
support my PCMCIA NIC Cards
           I have the following :
           (1) perferred card : Dell (3Com) 10/100 LAN+56K Modem CardBus
model # 3CCFEM656
           (2) second  card : Dell (3Com) Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX
           From the redhat HAL, it says that both of these cards will work
based on community support feedback
           and I have found external references that support this.

What do I do next  as I see it:

Option 1:
        Perform a autoboot.bat dos install using the PCMCIA CD-ROM
        The CD-ROM is an Archos miniCD with PC Card and USB Support
        I'm sure if I used the autoboot process, if I can't start this in
text mode, I would have to use an external monitor.  I see no problem
        with this.  After the install, I would then need to go back and add
support for the one of the two PCMCIA NIC cards listed

Option 2:  Buy a supported PCMCIA NIC that will be recognized during boot
and then continue with a FTP or HTTP install.

                 Question: When performing a FTP or HTTP install, are the
ISO required or can the CDs be copied to a directory
                                 on the FTP/HTTP Server?

                                 If I can copy the CDs, do I copy both CDs
into on directory or two (Redhat\Disk1 and Redhat\Disk2

Option  3.  Blow away the Win98 installation completely.  Repartition and
copy CD ( 1 or 2 ?  or Both) to a separate partition
                  and then do a hard drive install.
                  Question:  My assumption is that I will have to copy the
ISO images to the install partition.  Correct?


Are there any other options left for me to decide?  Which of the three
options above are best?

Any feedback would be helpful.


Darrell Fuller


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