MIPS DECstation 5000/240 Setup

MIPS DECstation 5000/240 Setup

Post by Charles Dombe » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I've done Linux setups on i386 machines in the past BUT.........

I'm stumped about how to setup Linux on an aging DECstation 5000/240. I
have the RedHat Rough Cuts Disc which allegedly will run on a MIPS R3000
chip machine. Question is: How do I get Linux onto the boot drive on
this box? Do I copy the CD recursively to the system? This would get
vmlinux into place but what about the bootloader (MILO????). The system
currently has Ultrix on it. Any, I mean ANY help would be appreciated.
Chuck Dombek


1. Linux for DECStation 5000/240


Is there a port of Linux to the above platform? Or one in the pipeline?
Any help woul be greatly appreciated.


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